Computative Trading in short is basically the orders executed on the online exchange platform through a computer programme designed by the user. Ever since their introduction in the country, computative trades have been garnering increased interests from huge domestic and institutional investors that trade on proprietary books. Conducted primarily through the exclusive in-house software, the level of manual intervention differs from one type to another. For instance, for most zero-touch figures, programs ascertain the trading opportunity and execute it without any manual intervention. In such a case, trades may be commenced by already set technical levels or quantitative indicators or any arbitrage opportunities within the trade market, as depending upon specific clients’ preferences.

NovaTech Analytics banks upon its extensive team of competent computative traders, who possess ample knowledge and experience of the dynamic market trends and about molding the investments made into profitable returns in future. Our expert computative traders assist the institutional investors, in particular, to notch up the trade execution efficiency and also pinpoint the fleeting trading opportunities to capture them swiftly.